Seafile Net Work Attached Storage Installation (Seafile NAS)


Welcome to this tutorial on installing Seafile on Banana Pi!
Seafile is a really great software that combines security and usability into a versatile package. In this tutorial, we will be installing Seafile server on Banana Pi for a syncing net work attached storage.

What do I need?

  1. A Banana Pi (preferably running on Debian)
    1. SD card
    2. USB power adapter
    3. Ethernet Connection to local network
  2. A computer (or a monitor, keyboard)
  3. Putty
  4. Seafile Server (ARM)
  5. A brain (sorry, you need a brain for this)


Again, with every Banana Pi installation, a remote accessing software is recommended. I would recommend using Putty.

And log in as root when prompted

Sweet Commands

Once in the command line, get ready to copy and paste!
First, we need to install python and other awesome stuff needed with the Seafile server program
apt-get -y install python2.7 python-dev python-setuptools python-simplejson python-imaging sqlite3 sqlite
 Create a new user (seafile installs in '/' or root directory, so to keep it clean, create a new user)
adduser seafile --disabled-password
(I disabled password for ease of access)

Enter command line as user (seafile in this case)
su - seafile
when in doubt, 'cd'
Downloading installation package
(you can change the link to any version of  Seafile. NOTE: it has to be in .tar.gz format)

tar xvzf seafile-server_3.1.7_pi.tar.gz
Get in Seafile directory
cd seafile-server-3.1.7
Run set up

Follow seafile set up instructions

Set any server name
Enter the IP you used to connect to Banana Pi through SSH
leave blank for port, and directory

Confirm  setup 

Now setup Seahub by pressing enter
Leave blank for directory and ports

Running Seafile

cd seafile-server-3.1.7
Seafile directory
./ start
Starting Seafile services
./ start 8000
Starting Seahub (web interface) on port 8000 (use an open port)

You will be prompted to enter email and password for admin accounts (do so please)

Web Interface

Now that your server is up and running, check out the web interface!
Open a browser and type
 Fill in *.*** with the IP of your Banana Pi (you used this to connect to it with Putty)
follow the IP with the port you launched Seahub with

Log in with the Admin account you created

Enjoy Seafile!

Further Notes

Check out Seafile website for Sync client and mobile apps!

For accessing world wide, you will need to set up port forwarding on your router and change the IP of the server

I will post a guide for that in the near future stay tuned and subscribe if you like the guide!

-Project Banana Pi

special credit to Technikamateur


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